Ponderosa Thirty Five

  • 34.5’ Diameter
  • 930 sq. feet

With 930 sq. feet, the Ponderosa Thirty-Five is a perfect starting point for a small family home. The main yurt body can easily accommodate a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a nice bedroom. By adding a loft or additional rooms to the outer walls there are many possibilities for even more creative designs.

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Ready-to-build Designs
Typically, the design phase can take months to complete. However, these fully completed plans are ready to go directly to engineering, expediting the process dramatically. If you're looking to build a home as soon as possible, this is the way to go.
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The Complete Dwelling
1 Bed, 1 Bath, 2nd Bedroom Loft Option


  • 27 wall panels in total, ready for set up on your completed floor

  • Each wall panel is 4’ wide. The standard wall height is 8’, upgrade to different wall height is available on all kits

  • Solid 2×6 Douglas Fir/Larch Select Structural construction

  • ½” CDX Douglas Fir plywood sheathing.

  • Building wrap: High-vapor permeable rain-screen drain wrap

  • Select Grade 1×6 T&G Cedar siding installed

  • Exterior 1×4 Cedar trim package for the outer wall corners, around windows and door openings to complete the finish to the outside construction.

  • We are glad to install the windows for you custom yurt right here in our shop. Window pricing and installation is subject to our customer’s individual preference. Please see below for more information on pricing, or reach out to our sales team.

  • All the necessary hardware to complete construction of the yurt


  • Each component is pre-cut and ready to assemble

  • Arced top plates

  • Laminated central compression ring

  • Rafters – Solid Douglas Fir Select Structural, with 1×3 premium grade interior trim

  • Eaves: Pre-cut 1x6 solid wood

  • Bird blocks – Douglas Fir Select Structural

  • Custom-cut 1/2 CDX roof sheathing.

  • Metal Roof Components: Central steel hub, weather skirting, rib end seals and all the necessary fasteners.

  • Galvanized roof panels, 24 gauge. Upgrade available for painted roof panels, 24GA.

  • 5′ triple-pane acrylic skylight with crank style opener (standard). Upgrade available for electric opener.

  • Custom-cut birch ply ceiling (or upgrade to Pine Tongue & Groove)

  • All the necessary hardware to complete construction of the yurt



Complete packageRoof Package Only
The Roof Only Package includes everything in the Complete Package minus the walls. A Wall Building manual and video tutorial are included.

The Roof Only Package is only for those interested in putting a conical roof on an alternative round structure or for those with considerable carpentry skills and want to build their own walls.

Keep in mind that hiring someone to build the walls will result in higher costs and an inferior product. The quality of materials we use and the machining done in our shop ensures a solid build not available in the field.


Wall HeightPricing
8 ft-
9 ft+$2,671.90
10 ft+$4,675.00
11 ft+$6,677.00
12 ft+$9,545.80
14 ft+$13,428.80

Taller walls allow a more comfortable ceiling height for lofts, additions, breezeways, and porch roofs.


Birch Laminate (default)Pine Tongue & Groove
Birch Laminate Ceiling PanelsPine T&G Ceiling Panels


Electric Skylight Opener
A standard skylight is a triple-pane with a manual opener and a U-value of 0.50.


Each Window Opening
Height, style, and window total are customizable and made to order. Our standard windows are vinyl framed insulated glass, adobe, with Low-E glazing, providing a U value of .30 and a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of .35.

Any changes to the material or color used for the frames, glazing coatings or SHGC generally carry added costs.

We charge $200 for each window opening. An exact estimate for your individual window package will be provided as soon as your design is ready.


1 Door OpeningEach Additional Door Opening
All entry doors are 3’0” x 6’8”, standard code entry.

Because shipping of doors is difficult and costly, we do not ship or sell the doors themselves, we only frame the opening that will incorporate your door. You will need to purchase the doors locally.

French Doors

None5' or 6' Framing
French doors take 3 wall panels to create with the doors located in the center panel of these three.

Because shipping of French doors is difficult and costly, we do not ship or sell the doors themselves, we only frame the opening that will incorporate your door. You will need to purchase the doors locally.


Metal Roof, 24GA galvanizedMetal Roof, 24GA painted
24" Eaves
All of our round homes include 24” Eaves

Our roofs come standard with zinc (galvanized) coating confirmed to ASTM G-115 standards.

There is an option to purchase a painted roof or to exclude the metal roof from the package and install a shingle or other roof of your choice purchased locally.

Roof sheathing (1/2" CDX, or thicker if required for snow or wind load) is included to make roof installation and insulation easier & allow for a stronger roof assembly.

*Don't want a Metal Roof: Call sales for more info