We offer a variety of choices to meet most needs. Our yurt packages provide the central focul point from which the dream of your home can unfold.

All of our complete packages come with a standard 8’ wall height, cedar siding, vinyl clad thermal glazed windows, solid wood door(s), a galvanized metal roof and a triple pane skylight. Options for changes to these kits specifics are wall height, rafter depth, a painted roof or no roof supplied, window, door and skylight changes as described Options.

 Birch 20

An Ideal size for a small get away cabin, studio, sanctuary or a retreat. Imagine a sweet round space in  the woods, your backyard or tucked away from the main area.

Maple 25

 A great starting point for a small family dwelling within the basic round structure. Plenty of room to add a bedroom and an entry to the outside as well.

Cedar 30

The main yurt body can easily accommodate a kitchen, living room, bathroom and nice bedroom. Add a room or two to the outside or a loft and you are well on your way to a comfortable living space.

Ponderosa 35

Here you will find plenty of room for a spacious kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom (or two) all on the main floor. By adding a loft, you can start to visualize the generosity of our most popular sized home.

Sequoia 41

When you step into a round structure of this size you experience the grandeur - it is really an amazing space! There is plenty of  room for a generous family dwelling, a community building, conference hall or gathering space - the possibilities here are endless.