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What's In A Kit?

Design & Engineering

Custom plans for your yurt, and stamped engineered plans that meet your region's permitting requirements.


Framed with 2x6 Fir. Fitted with Cedar tongue & groove siding and Hemlock trim. Windows preinstalled with proper flashing.

Floor and Loft Assemblies

TGI floor joists, rim joists, 3/4 t&g underlayment, and hangers for the first floor (loft floor and posts / beams available). Available as a custom add-on after design and engineering is completed.


Precision cut with a CNC machine, these ceiling panels come in Birch Plywood, or upgrade to Pine Tongue & Groove. Includes Hemlock trim.

Roofing, Rafters, and Sheathing

Galvanized metal roofing panels, custom CNC cut CDX sheathing, compression ring, rafters, and eave extensions. All hardware included. An upgrade to painted roofing panels in dark bronze, black, or Hartford green is available for all kit sizes. Each roofing piece is custom cut to fit your yurt for easy assembly.


Durable, triple pane skylight dome with choice of electric or manual opener.

What's Not In A Kit?

Contracting & Labor

We ship your kit to your build location, but Smiling Woods does not offer contracting or labor. We provide a Build Manual and can answer questions you or your contractor may have while assembling the kit. In some instances, your designer may be available for on-site consulting and project management. Our team can provide a list of contractors in your area with familiarity in building Smiling Woods Yurts.


We can design your kit to fit any foundation (piers, perimeter, slab, and more). Different areas require different foundations, so our designers and engineering partners will work with you to design the best foundation for your yurt. We can work with many challenging conditions, such as hillsides and flood plains.


Unfortunately, we do not offer financing, but are happy to connect you with partners who are familiar with financing round homes. Most of our customers use a Construction Loan from a trusted lender to acquire financing (if this will be your primary home), or a HELOC (for second homes). We will provide sample engineering plans to secure this loan.

Utilities & Trades

We will work with you to modify the structure to prepare for your utility connections. However, insulation, electrical, and plumbing trades or materials are not included in a Smiling Woods kit.

Interior Finishing

We provide detailed plans for your desired layout. Interior walls, drywall, tile, hardwood flooring, cabinetry, and other interior finish items are not included in a Smiling Woods kit. But our designers can provide detailed materials lists and interior design plans for you or your contractor.