Is your product considered a yurt?
Are these permanent structures?
Is your product portable?
Can the structure be insulated?
Can there be multiple stories? Or a loft?
Do you have a model we can look at?
Is it possible to visit your location?
Will you set up the kit on site?
Do have any contractor recommendations?
Is there a warranty with your product?
Are structural plans included with the package?
Do you provide design service?
Do you provide engineering service?
Can I meet California wildfire building codes with your product?
Can structures be connected?
Can I add on a covered deck or additional rooms?
What is approximate shipping cost?
Do you ship overseas?
Will a kit fit into a shipping container?
How do I arrange for shipping my kit?
How do I prepare to receive my shipment?
What will the total building cost be?
How long does it take to set up a kit?
Will my structure require a building permit?
How soon can we get a kit?