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WA COAST 30' YURT.JPGWelcome to Smiling Woods Yurts

We are a small family and friend owned and operated business in Washington's enchanting Methow Valley, offering thoughtfully-crafted building solutions for those seeking the experience of living in the round.

It is with pleasure that we offer our beautiful, comfortable and affordable round homes.

As you browse our site you will see what simple living and 35 years of building experience, involved mostly in the design and construction of unique homes, cabinetry and fine furniture, has to offer you.

It is our intention to help you to create a beautiful, functional, and affordable space built with quality foremost in mind and to offer information to help you make choices that you will want to live with, both environmentally and aesthetically.

Environmental stewardship is a high priority for us; we use environmentally-responsible materials and practices throughout our design and process.

The practice of “living simply so that others may simply live” has been a business motto and one for life in general. Our homes offer this opportunity for those who live in and spend time in them. A simpler life allows the openness and space for creativity and quietude. From this place, joy and gratitude can easily flow.

A round living space is unique in that it mimics Nature. All things in Nature are round - the Earth is round, the Sun and Moon are round, the seasons go round as are all cycles of life. Square is not something we see nor experience in nature. Living in the round offers the opportunity to find ourselves more in tune with the natural rhythms of life. It is truly a lifestyle choice that brings with it many wonderful gifts. One not so subtle gift is the experience of spaciousness. Another, the ability for the building to naturally and easily maintain an even temperature - cooler in the Summer and easier to heat in the Winter. The experience of round living helps to bring our lives into balance in ways we cannot even imagine!

We invite you to enjoy your experience imagining living in the round. May we always act in a manner that encourages peace.