What does the overall purchase process involve?

The purchase of a Smiling Woods Yurt involves three main steps:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Production Deposit
  • Purchase Agreement

The first step may be either the Production Deposit or the Design work, depending on your priorities and on your timeline. When you are sure about your intent to purchase a kit, we will establish a time frame for production and help you get started on the design process.

     Design and Engineering

Whether you start with an existing floor plan and adapt it to suit your needs or work with your designer to create a fully custom home, the design-to-construction process unfolds in the following phases:

       Design Phase
Your designer will work with you to establish the basic requirements and qualities of your home. The designer will provide a checklist which will help you conceptualize the various aspects of your overall house design, and then use this information to begin the process of creating your house design. In a simple project, a floor plan is sufficient to generate much of the function and form. However in more complex projects, the designer will work simultaneously in plan, elevation and section to incorporate the house into your site. By utilizing advanced 3D drafting software, they are able to provide accurate construction drawings and realistic renderings of your project throughout the process to assist you with decision-making. These drawings and images along with your interface with the designer keep you involved and informed during the process. Once the design is completed a full set of construction drawings will be created and be ready for the structural engineering phase. At this point, we will be able to provide you with a refined estimate for the project. The fees for design are additional and payable directly to the designer.

       Structural Engineering Phase

Each aspect of a building is an associated part of the whole structure and requires engineering to meet the wind, snow and seismic loads present at the location it will be built. Most jurisdictions require a set of engineered plans in order to obtain a building permit. These plans include the  design elements specific to your project - foundation, floor system, walls, roof, loft, decks, porches, additions, and interior walls. Smiling Woods Yurts works with highly qualified engineering team that are very familiar with our structures.  

 We will act as your liaison throughout the engineering process. Your designer will send the completed construction drawings to us at Smiling Woods Yurts and we will procure a proposal from the structural engineers for your project. With your approval we then transfer the drawings to the structural engineer for the structural analysis. This engineering study is typically required by your building department to ensure that your home is designed safely and built specifically for the demands of its location (i.e. snow/wind loading and seismic activity). While you do have a choice, we encourage you to utilize our engineer, as they have worked out many of the templates and loads specific to Smiling Woods Yurts structures. The engineering fees are additional and payable directly to the engineer through Smiling Woods Yurts.

In instances when an engineered study is not needed to acquire a permit, Smiling Woods Yurts orders the needed engineering for each wall and roof system we build to ensure they are built to handle the loads present at your site. This basic engineering is solely for the components we build for you and are exclusive of the elements that make up a complete study as mentioned above including the foundation/floor system. This minimal engineering only qualifies that the components Smiling Woods Yurts creates meets the specifications given to us by the purchaser and is not  adequate for permitting when a complete set of plans and study is required.

       Permit Documentation
A building permit is typically required to ensure that your home meets all applicable codes of your local building department. They will most likely supply a checklist of required documentation for you to submit with your permit application. This documentation will verify that the house complies with applicable structural, safety, and energy regulations. Most building permit departments require house construction plans to be stamped by a licensed engineer, as discussed above, as well as items like a water availability form, energy calculations, window and door schedule, site plan, etc. Our designer offers additional permit documentation services depending upon their availability. The building permit review process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on the scope of the project and the workload of the building department. Permit fees are often required to be paid prior to issuance of the construction permit.

       Construction Preparation
We recommend you get a licensed building contractor on board early in the process, either once the design drawings are completed, or even earlier to help with rough project cost estimates. The full engineered plans will generally be needed for the most accurate project bids. If you plan ahead, you can use the permit review period to line things up so that you are ready to break ground as soon as the permit is issued.

Production Deposit 

25% of the estimated cost of your Smiling Woods Yurts package secures your preferred production date and forms part of your Production Deposit. This deposit ensures you receive your home components at a time that fits with your planned building schedule.

Purchase Agreement

A quote in the form of a “Purchase Agreement” is created to clearly define the exact kit we build for you. With your acceptance of the Purchase Agreement and placement of the Production Deposit, your order is confirmed and in our production schedule with an established Production Start and Shipping Dates.

If necessary, any changes or additions can be made later with a Change Work Order. What changes can be made and when are defined in the Terms and Conditions of the Purchase Agreement. In simple form, changes regarding the structure (diameter, floor plan, wall height) can be made up to 60 days before production and non-structural changes (window type and size and skylight specifications) may be made up to 30 days before production.

90 days prior to your selected production start date a 50% deposit (minus your production deposit amount) is made to Smiling Woods Yurts. This allows us adequate time to commit the necessary resources toward production of your order.

30 days prior to the production start date the remaining 50% is paid in full to SWY or is placed in escrow with a third party who will release the funds to Smiling Woods Yurts when your order is completed and ready for shipment.
If needed, short term storage is generally available for a fee.

On the Shipping Date we will load your order on the truck for delivery to your site. Transporting your home package from our production facility to your building site, unloading, and storage at the building site are your responsibility. Upon request, we will assist you in finding a carrier, provide you with quotes and help arrange shipping logistics; however, payment for transportation, insurance of the package while in transit, unloading and storage is your responsibility.

The assembly of the Smiling Woods Yurts components of your home at your building site is the responsibility of you or your contractor. We suggest that you engage the services of a General contractor who will be responsible for preparing your site, coordinating your home set-up, hiring sub-contractors and finishing the interior of your home. We recommend you get a licensed building contractor on board early in the process, either once the design drawings are completed, or even earlier to help with rough project cost estimates. The full engineered plans will generally be needed for the most accurate project bids. If you plan ahead, you can use the permit review period to line things up so that you are ready to break ground as soon as the permit is issued. Owner/builders may act as their own General contractor’s in most jurisdictions.

Included with your Smiling woods Yurt is a detailed “Set-up Manual”, detailing the best method for assembling your home.