Getting your home to you

We can ship anywhere in the world. Shipping is not included with the price of the kit and is charged for based on the amount of truck space required and the distance from our production facility in North Central Washington to your site.

We are equipped for sales to the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as Canada. Shipping outside of North America may carry additional administration charges for determining the applicability of one of our kits for international build, coordination efforts with local building regulators, as well as any exporting process. For ocean freight we recommend a “flat-rack” or platform for shipment.

Inquiring about shipping costs? Zoom in on the map below to the area closest to where you want to build. Clicking on one of the pins in the area will show pop up data that will give you a pretty good idea of what the shipping costs will be to the area. The lower prices for each location will generally cover all of our smaller kits (20'-35') with up to 10' walls. The higher (max.) price will ship our largest yurt kit (41'er) and may have room for either a smaller (20'/25') yurt or other materials/supplies you may order from us. 

If you need a more specific quote please include the size yurt you are interested in, along with the city, state and zip code of where we will be shipping to. This will help us get you the quote you are looking for in the shortest amount of time!