How does the overall process of creating and building your home unfold over time?

The graph above shows the general duration for each phase of a construction project relative to the overall timeline for the entire project. It show the general time each phase starts and its duration as well as the relationship to the other phases start time and duration. With the design, permitting and Smiling Woods Yurts aspects of the project duration is relative to the complexity of the project. With the construction phase the size and experience of    the crew along with the complexity of the project determines how long this part takes.
The purple bar represents simpler projects and the yellow/orange bar more involved projects. The boxes below define in a little more depth what each phase entails while you can find a more specific definition of the phases in steps to purchase.


3-7 Weeks

  • Work with designer

  • Development of construction drawings

  • Engineering study and review.


Smiling Woods Yurts

9-16 Weeks

  • Developing your order with our Sales department

  • Production of your home package

  • Shipment from our manufacturing facility to your home site



2-12 Weeks

  • Contact your building department to understand the requirements your project must meet

  • Prepare application and documentation needed for permit

  • Submit plans and associated paperwork for approval




10-34 Weeks

  • Site work - Excavation, preparation for utilities, road work

  • Rough-in utilities - Including bring power, water, sewage lines and communications to your home site

  • Foundation / Floor - Building your foundation and floor system

  • Set-up Smiling Woods Yurt - Unload the truck, unpack the kit, set up the walls and roof system, install exterior trim

  • Finish Interior -  Frame interior walls, electrical, heating/cooling system, plumbing, insulation, wall covering, finished floor, painting, cabinets and appliances