Increase wall height, add doors or windows and more

Browsing through our kit options, you will find the specifics of what comes standard with our packages as well as what options are available to customize your home to meet your vision. We encourage you to design with simplicity in mind choosing the needed changes accordingly. Once you have a clear understanding of your needs you can see how it will affect the cost of the project. I think you may be pleasantly surprised with just how minimal an impact on the overall cost of the your changes will have!

Adding rooms onto the yurt or building a loft are both possibilities. Taller walls allow for a more comfortable ceiling height for both a loft and are basically necessary for additions and porch roofs If you are considering either a loft or room additions as a possibility for the future, but not planning on building them now please let us know, we will help you understand how to plan for these while building the primary structure. It is much simpler to include future changes in your design, than to have to try and figure out how to make things work later on.

Skylight Options

Our yurts come standard with a triple-pane, opening sky light with a U value of 60. Available upgrades include a bronze tinting (15% light reduction) or a solar-electric opener.

Skylight  Change                            Price
Bronze Tinting (for 41’)                $223 ($280)
Electric Opener                               $1140 

Window Options

The windows that come standard with our packages are vinyl framed insulated glass with Low-E glazing and a U value with an average of .33 and a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of .35. Any changes to the material used for the frames, tempered glass, glazing coatings or SHGC generally carry with them added costs. We will help you understand your needs and meet your wishes in this as much as possible. You can read more in depth about windows and doors here.

       Window Changes

You can change the height or style of any window or add more windows to any yurt package. Using the information below you can figure a ball park cost of any size/type of window change or addition. This is a base to figure from as window prices do not change incrementally.

  • Additional picture windows - $340 
  • Additional opening windows - $370 
  • Changing from a picture to an opening window - $60 
  • Increase window height 
  • 6" increase in height up to 6'0 for picture windows  - $15 
  • 6" increase in height up to 7'0 for single hung windows  - $15 
  • Picture windows 6'6 and 7'0 for each of these last increments - $50 
  • Changing window solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) from the standard for Northern climates to Southern climates there is a per window charge. To help you understand what this might mean to you in cost, an averaged high figure increase for a 35' yurt would be around $400.

Door Options

All entry doors are 3’0” x 6’8”, the code acceptable size for an entry door.

The doors that come standard with our packages are exterior grade Douglas fir construction and come with your choice of either a half-length tempered glass window (model 7044), full length tempered glass window (#7001) or a six panel solid door #7130). These doors come with residential locking lever hardware, and can be drilled for a deadbolt upon request. You can read in more detail about doors and windows here.

Add another door for $878 each 

Fiberglass and metal clad doors are available upon request.

A door frame without the door or its jamb, suitable for your own door or to use as a doorway into another room can be added for $100.

Special order doors are priced individually. To look at the complete range of wood doors available CLICK HERE.

       French Doors

French doors can be installed in the 25', 30', 35’, and 41' models. French doors take 3 wall panels to create with the doors located in the center panel of these three.

  • 5'0" French door framing is available for the 25' yurt. 
  • 5'0" and 6'0" French door framing is available for the 30', 35', and 41' yurts. 
  • Side windows for French doors are also available for all of these models. 

Because shipping of French doors is difficult and costly we do not ship or sell the doors themselves - we only build the opening that will incorporate your door into it. You will need to purchase the doors locally. Please ask us for door framing and side window pricing - the tempered side windows are included as part of this pricing.

Roof Options

Our roofs come standard with zinc (galvanized) coating confirmed to ASTM G-115 standards. There is an option to purchase a painted roof or to exclude the metal roof from the package and install a shingle or other roof of your choice purchased locally.   

Wall Options

Wall options include increasing the standard 8’ wall height which will allow you to easily incorporate a loft or any rooms or porches added to the outside of the main structure. Height options are 9’ through 14’ for all models. Pricing for these changes are on each of the models page.

Another option is to exclude the cedar siding in lieu of another siding choice you would prefer (stucco, cement siding boards etc.) that you would purchase locally and apply on site. If this is your preference we will credit you for the unused siding.