Our focus has always been on great design, affordability and environmental friendliness. Finding the best solution remains our goal and intention

The creation of our yurts has been an interesting journey. Starting a business was never the intention! Some spare time and salvaged materials coupled with a longstanding interest in living in the round and looking for a simple way to create a comfortable round home, unlike typical yurts, were the motivating forces. How deeply involved a process it would become was never foreseen!

 The beginning of the yurts

After spending a few nights in fabric yurts and waking up to the beautiful ceiling and spaciousness the wheels got to turning. What could one do to make this a space that would work for everyday living in all times and seasons of the year? Living in a “plastic bag” did not have much appeal! The quest was on to find a more aesthetic and functional way to build yurts that are more inviting to live in than this. The idea was to have solid walls in which to have real windows you could open from the inside, walls you could build cabinets to and hang pictures on and a way to insulate the structure effectively. From there we would need a solution for a roof that had real longevity and a roof cavity that would offer a way to truly insulate adequately so you could be warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

All the hard work and perseverance, many years later we are able to offer you what we feel are amazingly beautiful and structurally solid buildings that offer all the comforts of a conventional home with more pleasing aesthetics.

Our yurts are working in harmony with the environment

Throughout our process we have held the intention to source quality environmentally friendly materials and to create as little waste as possible. We have continued this quest in all aspects of our production including the sourcing of high quality lumber, non-toxic adhesives, oil and thinner. When we found a manufacturer for our metal roof we knew we had found the environmentally friendly roofing solution that worked for us. Our continuing effort in developing our production in alignment with lean manufacturing principles allows us to use our resources as conscientiously as possible, leaving us with minimal waste. What we do not use in the construction of your home generally finds another purpose either in house or in our greater community.

Our love for fine wood working

The wooden central ring has always been a focal point in our homes. As wood workers this is important to us to have this as an architectural feature as it adds elegance to the entire building and allows us to use the fine wood working skills we cherish. Early on, making a ring that could accommodate rafters tall enough to meet strict energy codes and handle high snow loads was a challenge to build as it was hard and dusty work. When, one day we realized there was a much simpler way to accomplish this and create an even finer product it opened the door for us to fully realize a roof system that worked well for insulating the home as well as providing the needed ventilation to keep the roof "healthy".

Knowing we have a home that is built to last

It took quite a search to find an engineer that was a good match for us. At first we were not taken seriously – after all, who would build a round home?  We were small fish in a big sea and it took dedication to find a team that wanted to work with us and had the knowledge we needed to help us provide a highly engineered structure. We now gratefully have found a good fit and enjoy a great working relationship with a wonderful organization.

Wanting what we do to fit your budget

This is always a challenge. As a business owner how do you make something of quality and keep it affordable? How do you keep the customer in mind in this way as well as providing your absolute best? One way is being efficient. Another is fostering good relationships with our suppliers - the more we are a reliable asset to our suppliers the more they want to work with us. Developing great working relationships with everyone in our process not only brings joy to our work it builds community and we find we can count on each other to do our best.