~Incl. Wall and Floor Construction Manuals~

(These kits are included as part of the Complete Kit Packages)


Save money building your own walls and using our our roof kits!

Put a roof kit on a cob, straw-bale or any other round building!

These roof kits are complete, with everything you need from the top of your walls upwards,
except the insulation and ceiling.

You can even purchase the roof kit without the metal roof. This will allow you to using another roofing material (asphalt shingles etc.) instead. You can see examples of this in our gallery.

In order to create your shelter for the most reasonable price, if you are a capapble builder we encourage you to buy a roof kit with wall and floor plans, and much of the yurt as possible yourself. The walls are not hard to build and require only a basic understanding of carpentry (if you can build the floor, you can build the walls)! If you are not confident enough to build your own walls, and want to spend your money as locally as possible, you could hire a skilled carpenter to help. Typically if you are not building the walls yourself we suggest that you hire us as we will most likely be best choice financially and most definitely for quality. 

Our wall kits will simplify the wall building process if you are building them yourself. They include the important, hard-to-cut framing pieces.

We are happy to offer these kits to assist you in the creation of your own personalized yurt.

Engineer-stamped drawings and plans that match your wind and snow load specifications are available for purchase, though not included with our kits. Please contact us for pricing.

Site specific special engineering and drawings can be created for a nominal fee. More specific details on the Plans page.


These roof kits have everything you need to complete the yurt from the top plates of your walls upwards.

The insulation page may help you determine how tall you will need your rafters.

The roof kits include - Arced top plates - Rafters - Laminated Central compression ring - Eaves and bird blocking - 5' double pane skylight w/ opener crank - the Metal Roof  components - Wall construction manual with a shopping list and video tutorial - Floor construction plans/manual - Complete yurt set-up manual and all the necessary hardware to complete the yurt roof
construction. (Please note: no insulation or ceiling material is included.)


These kits are part of the Complete Kit Packages

Prices are current as of 11/21/2014

Prices are subject to change, so please contact us for the most current pricing.


20’ Yurt
2x6 rafters 2x8 rafters 2x10 rafters
$10,819 $11,123 $11,692

25’ Yurt 2x8 rafters 2x10 rafters 2x12 rafters
$13,285 $14,217 $14,932

30’ Yurt 2x8 rafters 2x10 rafters 2x12 rafters
$15,361 $16,214 $17,152

35’ Yurt 2x8 rafters 2x10 rafters 2x12 rafters
N/A $18,211 $19,231





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