(Plans to build the roof from your materials are not available)

The information provided in our Floor and Wall Construction Manuals and Yurt Set up Manual is not site specific nor floor plan specific and as such may or may not be adequate for your particular building design or site requirement needs. For these reasons we recommend having an engineer analysis done so we all can know the structure is built to withstand the natural forces it may encounter.


(not included in the kit price)

Engineered plans for the basic yurt meeting your sites requirements and floor plan design - no decks, room additions, loft or porches - start at $1000 and go up from there. 

This price does not include any floor plan design/drafting work.

Some state engineers require an additonal fee for the stamped plans (usually $250) and Canada  is typically $500-$600 more for their stamp.

For designing and other engineering fees please the next section below.

  In order to build a set of plans we will need to know the requirements for wind, snow and seismic specific to your building site. Contact your local building department for this information.




Site specific engineering and drawings can be created for whatever design you would like. Pricing for plans that require more drafting or engineering than the basic yurt structure are created at an hourly rate, starting with the basic yurt plans price. As a guideline, a set of plans for a yurt with a simple floor plan and room addition(s) is much less than a floor plan with a basement, loft, decks/porches and additions which can run significantly more for the drafting and engineering.

Our designer/draftsman is happy to do a review of your floor plan, offer suggestions and make the desired changes. All designing/drafting is done at the rate of $75hr.

The final floor plan needs to be adherred to as it is integral to the engineering done for the structure. 

At our discretion, even if a set of engineered plans are not needed for your area, we may require site/floor plan specific engineering for your yurt if the design exceeds the limits of our basic yurt engineering.























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