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Maple 25

25.5’ in diameter – 510 sq. feet – with 7 windows and 1 door

This modest sized structure is adequate for a simple home offering room enough for all your basic needs. With an added bedroom or bathroom to the exterior of the yurt you could have quite a wonderful living space that would meet all your needs.

This little yurt can be set up in less than a week once your floor has been built.


This complete yurt package includes

 Wall Package

    20 wall panels in total, ready for set up on your completed               floor

  • 4' wide, 8' tall - please see below for taller wall options
  • Solid 2x6 Douglas Fir/Larch Select Structural construction
  • ½” CDX Douglas Fir plywood sheathing
  • Building wrap: High-vapor permeable rain-screen drain wrap
  • Select Grade 1x6 T&G Cedar siding installed 
  • Exterior 1x4 Cedar trim package for the outer wall corners, around windows and door openings to complete the finish to the outside construction.
  • 7 Window walls panels. Windows are fully installed according to manufacturer recommendation including flashing wrap and drain pan to prevent moisture damage. The standard package included:
    • 2 - 42" x 36" Opening windows (single hung or slider)
    • 3 - 42" x 42" Opening windows (single hung or slider)
    • 2 - 42" x 42" Picture windows
  • 1 Door wall panel. Your choice of a full-light, a half-light or a solid 6-panel wood door.
Roof Package

    Each component is pre-cut and ready to              assemble:

  • Arced top plates
  • Laminated central compression ring 
  • Rafters - Solid Douglas Fir Select Structural, with 1x3 clear Cedar interior trim installed
  • Eaves - 1x6 Cedar 
  • Bird blocks - Douglas Fir Select Structural 
  • Metal Roof components:    
    • Central steel hub, 
    • Galvanized roof panels, 26 guage
    • Weather skirting, 
    • Rib end seals and all the necessary fasteners
  • 5' triple-pane acrylic skylight w/ crank style opener and removable insect screen
  • Foundation/Floor construction manual
  • Yurt Set Up manual
  • All the necessary hardware to complete construction of the yurt
                                                                        Prices are current as of March 16, 2017

                 Complete Package      Roof Package Only

2x8 Rafters                                $25,302                       $16,401
2x10 Rafters                               $26,097                       $17,050
2x12 Rafters                               $27,021                       $17,899


        Wall Height                    9'            10'          11'             12'           14'
Change Add          $1,600     $2,800    $4,000      $5,200    $7,600

The yurt roof package  

The Roof Package includes everything in the Complete kit minus the walls which you will build using the provided Wall Building manual and accompanying video as tutorials.

These packages were designed for those interested in putting a conical roof on an alternatively built round structure like cobb, straw bale etc. or for those with significant carpentry skills or who have willing friends with the skills to build the walls. Typically hiring someone local to build the walls for you will result in higher costs and an inferior product. The high quality of materials we use and the machining done in our shop ensures a very high quality product not achievable in the field.


All of our options are available for this model – wall height, window, door and skylight options as well as the possibility of either a 5’ French door. The roof is galvanized though you may choose to have a painted roof or to use a non-metal roof of your choice. See all the options here.