(these kits include the Roof Kit)

Place one of these kits on the floor you have constructed using your materials and the plans in our "Floor Construction Manual" and have everything you need to have a finished to the outside structure.

These complete yurt kits include:

~ Pre-built walls with the siding on, windows and door(s) installed.

~ Complete wall corner, window and door trim package.

~ The roof kit with rafters, eaves, bird blocks, central ring, skylight, metal roof package and hardware.

~ Floor Construction and Yurt Set Up Manuals.


You will still need to wire, plumb, insulate and finish the inside to your liking but these kits make it possible for you to be weathered in, in a matter of days with the help of one or two experienced people.

On our smallest yurt we offer 2x4 as well as 2x6 walls. We also offer a smaller rafter option for this yurt. This is because these structures are most likely to be used only on occasion and insulation would be less of an issue in this instance. Given the environmental cost as well as the obvious monetary cost of heating and cooling, we encourage insulating well. With fiberglass batting the 2x6 rafters allows only for R-13 insulation, the 2x8 rafters R-21. With blown in fiberglass or cellulose you can achieve a code acceptable R-35+ with 2x10 rafters. The 2x12 rafters are available if you have super high snow loads or want/needto have more insulation.

Some people do use spray-in foam which has a higher R value than other insulations. With foam and 2x8 rafters you can achieve code acceptable R values. The drawbacks of foam are the higher cost and possible toxicity, though the toxicity factor is now starting to be addressed by the manufacturers.


Each Complete Yurt Kit comes with the following:

~ Our Basic Yurt Kit, constructed with multiple wall panels. Standard walls are 4 feet wide, 8 feet tall and sided with 1x6 T&G cedar siding. The windows and door are pre-installed in the walls.

~ A cedar trim package providing the trim for the outside corners, windows, and door.

~ The Roof Kit including rafters, central compression ring, eaves, bird blocks, skylight, the metal roof package and all the hardware for the roof. (Please note: no ceiling material is included.)


~ Floor Construction Manual, Yurt set Up Manual and all the necessary hardware to set up the yurt.

The 20’ yurt has 16 wall panels, 5 windows, 1 door and is 328 sq. ft.

The 25’ yurt has 20 wall panels, 7 windows, 1 door and is 510 sq. ft.

 The 30' yurt has 24 wall panels, 9 windows, 1 door and is 735 sq. ft.
 The 35' yurt has 27 wall panels, 11 windows, 1 door and is 930 sq. ft


The 41' yurt has 32 wall panels, 12 windows, 2 doors and is 1300 sq. ft.



Look at window options for the specific window sizes that come with each kit.



Prices are current as of 11/21/2014

20’ Yurt 328 sq. ft.  16 Walls - 5 windows - 1 Door

2x4 walls 2x6 walls
2x6 Rafters $17,408 N/A
2x8 Rafters $18,126 $18,036

2x10 Rafters

2x12 Rafters








25’ Yurt 510 sq. ft.  20 Walls - 7 windows - 1 Door

2x6 walls
2x8 Rafters $21,312
2x10 Rafters $22,185
2x12 Rafters


30’ Yurt 737 sq. ft.  24 Walls - 9 windows - 1 Door

2x6 walls
2x8 Rafters $25,795
2x10 Rafters $26,595
2x12 Rafters


35’ Yurt 930 sq. ft.  27 Walls - 11 windows - 1 Door

2x6 walls
2x10 Rafters $30,244
2x12 Rafters $31,291

41’ Yurt 1300 sq. ft.  32 Walls - 12 windows - 2 Doors

2x6 walls
2x10 Rafters $41,999
2x12 Rafters $43,607

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