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All windows are vinyl clad insulated glass with Low-E glazing. This is a coating applied to the glass that improves the heat gain at lower solar angles (as in winter), and deflects more solar rays at higher solar angles (as in summer). It is an effective means of keeping the yurt warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The U value of our windows is an average of.33 with a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of .35. This covers most of the northern part of the U.S. In the Southern states and in certain specific areas in the North the requirements for these numbers will be different. In these instances we will adjust window pricing to allow for these needs (the customer needs to contact their local building department for these requirements so we can get the right windows for your area). To help you understand what this might mean to you in cost, an averaged high figure increase for a 35' yurt would be around $250.

Each yurt comes with both opening and picture windows, the number depending on the size of the yurt. The standard width for all windows is 3'6" and the standard window height is a mix of 3’0” and 3’6” tall.  Following are the windows you recieve with each 8' wall complete yurt kit. 9' walls the windows are 12 inches taller than the 8' wall windows. 10' walls the windows are 24" taller.

Total Number Windows Opening Windows Fixed Windows Total Doors
15' Yurt



   1- 3'6x3'0    2- 3'6x3'6

1- 3'6x3'6 1
20' Yurt
5 2- 3'6x3'0
2- 3'6x3'6
1- 3'6x3'6 1
25' Yurt
7 2- 3'6x3'0
3- 3'6x3'6
2- 3'6x3'6 1
30' Yurt
9 2- 3'6x3'0
4- 3'6x3'6
3- 3'6x3'6 1
35' Yurt
11 2- 3'6x3'0
5- 3'6x3'6
4- 3'6x3'6 1
41' Yurt
12 2- 3'6x3'0
6- 3'6x3'6
4- 3'6x3'6



You can change the height or style of any window or add more windows. Using the information below you can figure a ball park cost of any size/type of window change or addition. This is just a base to figure from because window prices do not change incrementally.

  • Additional  picture windows are $300 each.
  • Additional opening windows are $350 each.
  • Changing from a picture to an opening window is typically around $60 for each window.
  • Window Placement –  The standard height of windows from the top of the wall is 14”. You can change this for $20 per window. Window height changes are included in taller wall pricing.

Four things to consider when deciding on your windows:

1) Egress - In a room that would be called a bedroom you will need an opening "egress" window or a door to the outside. The opening for the window needs to be of a specific size to meet building code safety requirements.

This opening size can be accomplished  by a 3'0"x3'6" casement window - cranks outwards (the upcharge to change a regular opening window to this window is $275).

a 3'6x3'0 awning - cranks upwards (the upcharge for this window is $315 or

a 3'6"x4'9" single hung window, depending on your needs and/or circumstances.

2) Tempered glass is required for any window within 24" of a door or 18" from the floor. Tempered glass can be 30-60% more expensive than regular glass.

3) Operable vents may be required in some of the windows. These allow you to not poke holes in the walls for vents. They are generally required one for every 500 sq. ft of floor area or one per room. For specifics for your locale contact your local building dept.


4) Window placement in the walls. Height of lofts, kitchen counters, desks etc. all play a part in how high from the floor you will want your windows. Designing Your Space is designed to help you with these choices -


5) Glazing. Standard pricing includes low-E glazing on the windows, suitable for Northern climates. Southern climate building codes typically require a higher Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), that can be met with optional L-70 glazing, for an additional charge. 


Our yurts come with a double pane opening sky light. If you would like to upgrade to a triple-pane for added insulation, add bronze tinting, or add an electric opener the pricing is below.

Skylight Type Price U value
5' double pane opening comes with kits 89
5' triple pane opening +$250 70
Bronze Tinting +$150  
Electric Opener +$1053  

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