The wall panels are generally constructed of 2x6 Douglas fir lumber (occasionally 2x4), framed 24” on center and are available in both sizes for the smaller yurts and 2x6 only for the larger yurts. The 4'x8' wall panels are sheathed with ½” plywood and covered with a vapor barrier. The walls are then sided with 1x6 tongue & groove cedar siding. Walls are either a solid panel or may have a window or door.

Taller Walls

Adding one or more rooms onto the yurt and building a loft space are possibilities. Taller walls allow for a more comfortable ceiling height in both. Walls taller than 8' for our larger yurts are available upon request. 

 Wall height can be increased in 12" increments, with the window height increasing along with the wall height. Windows in the 9' walls are 12" taller than windows in 8' walls. Walls taller than 9’ can offer some interesting window design options, both in size and layout. Consult with us on this if you choose these taller walls.

 If you are considering additional rooms or a loft as a possibility for the future, but not planning on building them now, please let us know, we will provide you with information to help you plan for them. It is so much better to include future changes in your design, than have to figure out to make things work later on.

Pricing on taller walls is figured per wall panel for each 12" of height gain (9' walls are $55 per panel; 10' walls are $110 per panel). The following table shows the increase in price for complete kits with these taller walls.


  9' Walls 10' Walls
20' Yurt $880 $1760
25' Yurt $1100 $2200
30' Yurt $1320 $2640
35' Yurt $1485 $2970
   41' Yurt $1760 $3520


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