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Browsing through our kit options you will find the specifics of what comes standard with our kits and what changes are available to make  your yurt just how you would like it to be. It is encouraged to decide on what you would like for your yurt and thensee how much it will cost. I think you may be pleasnatly surprised at how little in the overall cost of the project, your changes may be!


Add more doors or windows or make changes to the skylight. These options as well as increasing the wall height are all possiblities with our kits.


With this in mind we encourage you to design/create a floor plan that best suites your needs.

If at any time you need help with the process, please let us know. If it is simple we are happy to help. If more complicated and it involves design or drawing time we are still happy to help but will want to be compensated reasonably for our time.

Your plan should describe -


The placement of the door(s) and the direction they open, what side the hinge is on and the door type (half light, full light or solid).

The window placement - their size, height in the wall from the floor and whether they open or not.

Interior walls, if there are any.

In downloads you will find blank floor plan drawings. Choose the drawing for the size yurt you're interested in and get started designing your space.

Ideas for additions, A sample floor plan and the helpful  Designing Your Space documents are also in the downloads section of our website to help with your design process.

Adding rooms onto the yurt or building a loft are both possibilities. Taller walls allow for a more comfortable ceiling height for both a loft and for additions. If you are considering either a loft or room additions as a possibility for the future, but not planning on building them now please let us know, we will provide you with information to help you plan for them. It is much better to include future changes in your design, than have to try and figure out how to make things work later on.



If you would like to read some helpful ideas on insulation please read the artlicle on this page.



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