The below documents are designed to help you design and create your home. If you need any help with this process please contact us and we will assist you in whatever way we can.

   Designing Your Space is a document that explains the details of creating a floor plan that we can use to help you design and build your home. If you use this info we will be off to a good start in working together. 

   A Sample Floor Plan gives you an idea of what a finished window and door layout will look like. Using this format helps us a lot to have clear communication form the start. It is information we will need to help design and build your yurt.

Lofts shows you the space that is available in a loft. It gives you an idea of the head room and floor space in relation to each other.

   Addition Ideas and Ideas for Additions are drawings that are very basic ideas showing you how additions can be created in relation to the basic yurt shape.  We are happy to help you in this design process. We can also provide the roofing metal and drawings for the floor and wall construction for additions but we do not offer the wooden components for additions.

Cost of Building a Yurt will help you get an idea what your project costs will be.


Below you can download perimeter drawings of all of our yurts. Use these drawings to help you create your floor plan that locates you living room, kitchen, bathroom, office etc.

Once you have the floor plan you can then determine your window placement as well as what type of window (opening or picture) and the size window and its height from the floor. You will also be able to show your door locations, direction of swing and what type door you want (solid, half light or full light).

All this info is critical for us to be able to design and build the kit you want. The designing your space document is very useful to help in this process.

Click the links below to view them in Adobe Reader, or right click them and choose "save as" to save them to your computer. You can download Adobe Reader for free - HERE.

20' Yurt Perimeter Drawing

25' Yurt Perimeter Drawing

30' Yurt Perimeter Drawing

35' Yurt Perimeter Drawing

41' Yurt  Perimeter Drawing


















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