Building a new home is something you dream of for a long time. Arriving at the point where it becomes a reality is a special moment and the investment of time and resources is no small thing. Your vision may be for a simple and humble abode or of a more expansive nature, a place of hermitage or a hub for family activity or gathering.  We recognize the importance of this time in your life and that your home is a reflection and expression of who you are and how you envision your future. We are here to help you find and develop that expression into the shape of a wonderful place to be.

A round home is a wonderful way to find freedom of expression not available in a conventional home. The spaciousness, the ease with which one’s eye can wander both inside and out, the natural serenity of the form - these all lend to a sense of beauty and grace in your Smiling Woods Yurts home.

We invite you to let our design associates help you craft and refine your vision while exploring the possibilities of design that will meet your needs as well as nurture your spirit while embracing your life and the life of the natural world surrounding us.


Downloadable Documents

Perimeter Drawings 

Use these drawings to help you create your floor plan and locate you living room, kitchen, bathroom, office etc.

20' Yurt
25' Yurt
30' Yurt
35' Yurt
41' Yurt

Other Design Considerations

Designing your Space
Window and Door Options