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For many years we have been a small family owned and operated business located near the small town of Twisp, in North Central Washington. The crew here was basically my two sons and I, with help from friends when needed. Recently, we all decided to form a partnership with the crew so now our family has grown to include our new partners who have been friends for a long time! It is a wonderful merger and promises us years of an enjoyable working community.

We have been in the business of designing and building unique homes, custom cabinets and fine furniture for over 30 years. Round and out of the ordinary has been the main theme of our creations. We have put all of our learned skills and knowledge to use in the design and creation of our yurts.


The creation of our yurts has been an interesting process. Starting a business was never the intention! Some spare time and materials coupled with a longstanding interest in living in the round and looking for a simple way to create a comfortable round home were the motivating forces. How deeply involved a process it would be was never forseen!

The first yurt was just a concept,and started with the idea that there must be a more aesthetic and functional way to build a yurt. The original challenge was to find a way to have real windows you could open from the inside, walls you could build cabinets to and hang pictures on and a way to insulate the yurt effectively.

All along the focus has been on having a great design, affordability and environmental friendliness. Some aspects have been quite challenging.

~ The metal roof allowed us to have a long lasting, environmentally friendly roofing solution.

~ Taller rafters offered a way to have a healthy, environmentally responsible roof insulation system.

~ Our greatest and most rewarding challenge was having the roof engineered to meet almost anything Mother Nature can send its way!

~ Once the roof design became simple to set up we were able to offer you our roof kits seperately putting the project more in your hands and hopefully making building even more affordable.

We are thankful for the answers to the challenges that have come our way.

 As time has gone on our yurts have become  small round houses and most of our customers are building them as homes and other permanent living spaces. Folks are adding on decks, porches, room additions and even hooking them together in tandem with a breezeway! Their similarity to a fabric yurt, from whence to idea came, is only in form.

It has been and is an awesome thing to be a part of the creation of such wonderful spaces.


Our basic intention as a business is to create the best possible structures with the best materials available. We use the most environmentally/user friendly products and materials and continue to research options to make our yurts as earth and user friendly as possible. We want our lives to be as healthy as possible - physically, mentally and emotionally (not to mention spiritually!) and as such keep a healthy work space and work relationships that reflects these values. We want the same for you as well.


It is and will continue to be our intention to help you to create a beautiful, functional and affordable space and to provide information that can help you make environmental and aesthetic choices you will want to live with. We believe that everyone should be able to afford to have a beautiful place to call home, however simple or humble.

 If you know of a product, method of ideas that will help us with our goal, please let us know.

If our yurts help you realize a dream, we are grateful!
We are here to help, so please give us a call and allow us to be of service.


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"Thank you for the hard work and devotion to quality you brought to the creation of my home... This is a nurturing space as well as a thing of beauty...Working with you and your son was a very positive experience...Thank you most of all for giving me a way to participate in the building of my home...you have provided a way for an ordinary person to be very involved in the very basic and primal need to create shelter... I could not have asked for more."
Margaret M. Auburn, CA

"Thank you once again for finding time to fit us into your busy schedule."
Daniel Z. Leavenworth, Wa.

Thank You for your help in loading the roof kit with me. In the rush to get the roof kit loaded before the rain I forgot to tell you what a great job you did on the construction of the roof kit. The compression ring and rafters are very well done, my wife and I are very impressed with your craftsmanship. Great job, thank you for the care you take in your work.
Joe M. Kanab, Ut.

We both love our home. I can't imagine living anywhere else. We are awfully proud of our yurt and like to show it off to people. If you are ever in this part of the country stop by. Would love to show you around.
Daniel W., Killbuck, Oh.

Everyone who walks into this house is completely in awe.  We had my boss over for dinner Friday night and she commented, "Why doesn't everyone build something like this?"  The guy who installed our TV satellite last weekend commented, "I've been in so many different houses, including multi-million dollar homes, but this place ... this place just gives me goose bumps!"  :)  Thanks for helping us realize our dream, Michael.

Marni W., Lincoln, Vermont


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